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AQUASOL – Instructions for Use

The AQUASOL agent is intended for removal of organic substances from solid surfaces. Recommended water dilution of the AQUASOL agent is 1:10 to 1:1500. Usage of a warm solution increases the AQUASOL agent’s effect.

Concentrated AQUASOL agent has no corrosive effects. A reaction causing irritation can be expected when in contact with sensitive skin. Therefore, the package of the AQUASOL agent has a label with the symbol and note ”Irritating substance“ on it.


Physical and Chemical Properties of the AQUASOL Agent:

Concentrated AQUASOL agent is a viscous, pure liquid of a yellow/red-yellow colour, dilutable in water at any solution rate.

Concentrated AQUASOL agent shows an alkaline reaction, when stirring intensively white foam appears on the surface of the liquid. The foam disappears within a short time. After applying the AQUASOL agent to a smooth surface a slippery layer is formed which can be removed by washing with water.

By water diluting of the AQUASOL agent in the ratio of 1:50 to 1:100 an operating solution is obtained that can be applied (warm water diluting yields the advantage of higher efficacy).

The AQUASOL agent has a negligible content of extractable non-polar substances. 

Neither the concentrated agent nor the operating solutions have any aggressive effects upon contact with human skin.

After at least three years of storage concentrated AQUASOL agent is not subject to either physical or chemical changes that would have a negative effect on the agent’s efficacy.


AQUASOL Agent Biodegradability:

The AQUASOL agent is 100% degradable while meeting basic conditions of biodegradability.


Exampling and Testing:

The producer of the AQUASOL agent guarantees for the quality of the agent supplied. During the production and prior to the shipping of the AQUASOL agent a series of tests are carried out to identify the dissolution efficacy of the tested hydrophobic organic substances.


Packaging, Transport, and Storage:

The AQUASOL agent is packaged and distributed in tightly sealed polyethylene containers with the volume of 25 and 50 litres, furnished with a label indicating the name of the product, the production date, the volume of filling, recommendations for storage, brief instructions for use, basic instructions for handling the AQUASOL agent, and principles for working with the agent. 


Occupational Safety and Health:

Occupational Health Protection when working with the AQUASOL agent:

Concentrated AQUASOL agent shows an alkaline reaction; alkalinity decreases with the rate of dilution into operating solutions.

Concentrated AQUASOL agent and operating solutions diluted in the ratio of 1:100 can irritate sensitive skin, mucous membranes, and eyes.

When handling the AQUASOL agent, it is necessary, for the reasons stated above, to use personal protective and working means: chemical safety gloves with textile lining, cotton protective clothing, protective goggles, or a protective face screen (used, for example, when working with acids), gum- boots.

Do not eat, drink, smoke when working with AQUASOL agent concentrate/operating solutions and after finishing work wash your unprotected skin with clean water. 

In the event of skin, eyes or mucosa coming into contact with the AQUASOL agent, douse the affected body parts with large quantities of clean water and call a physician immediately!

If ingesting the AQUASOL agent, drink at least ½ litre of lukewarm water and call a physician immediately!


Guidelines for Handling the AQUASOL Agent:

Workers handling the AQUASOL agent follow valid regulations and guidelines at work.


Classification of the AQUASOL Substance Regarding Carcinogenic Agents Handling:

The AQUASOL substance is not included among carcinogenic agents in the Guidelines of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic and the General Health Officer of the Czech Republic.


Agent Composition:

The AQUASOL agent is composed of an alkaline solution of fatty acids and sulphone naphthalene mixture. Biological degradability of the AQUASOL agent reaches 100% in practice.


Instruction for Use:

Dilute the AQUASOL agent with water and spray/apply onto a cleaned material surface. After approximately 5 to 10 minutes, douse the cleaned surface with a stream of water. Gather the rest of the agent and the waste produced into special vessels and dispose of them in line with the respective valid regulations.


Handling Instructions:

When handling the AQUASOL agent, use personal protective aids, protective goggles/face screen, rubber gloves, protective clothing, gum boots, etc. Do not smoke, eat, drink when working, after finishing work wash your unprotected skin with clean lukewarm water.



The AQUASOL agent shows an alkaline reaction that can initiate an irritating reaction of sensitive skin and mucosa. Protect yourself against contact of eyes and mucosa with concentrated solutions of the AQUASOL agent. In the event of contact, douse the affected parts with large quantities of lukewarm water and call a physician! In the event of ingestion, drink at least ½ litre of lukewarm water and call a physician! Keep out of reach of children!


Safety Sentences:                R 36/38        S21/22/23       S36/37/39   


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