The main advantages of the AQUASTERIL® sets:


· The principle of AQUASTERIL® technology is based on a combination of the effect of active chlorine, applied in high doses (approx. 40 to 50 ppm) and subsequent dechlorination using a vitamin preparation.


· AQUASTERIL® technology is capable of a 100% elimination of germs, viruses and parasites contained in the raw water, regardless the conditions of disinfection (quality and parameters of the treated water) and on the state of vessels, where  the disinfection is carried out (the walls of a vessel are repeatedly sterilised during the next use). By adding the dechlorination agent the residual chlorine is converted into harmless chlorides (similar to kitchen salt).


· The resulting drinking water has no traces of chlorine and the unreacted residuals of the dechlorinating agent in the final water do not exhibit any unpleasant taste or odour properties. Moreover, the presence of the vitamin preparation is regarded as positive, from the health point of view.


· Very important advantage of using AQUASTERIL® kits, contrary to other means, is the applicability in developing countries, its simplicity of use, even for the illiterate and unqualified people. Each kit is ccompanied by the instructions for use in a written text and also in pictorial form, making the application easily understandable.


· The guaranteed effectiveness lifetime of AQUASTERIL® kits is maximum five years, capable to withstand even extreme climatic conditions.


· To secure a wide applicability of AQUASTERIL® kits for various population groups, the kits are manufactured in three basic versions, according to the volume of water to be treated.


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